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All About Concrete


all about concrete countertopsBecause of its richness and limitless design options, concrete is perfectly suited for those clients that want a look that is unique and interesting. Each piece is custom molded, hand-poured and finished, giving it a unique, crafted look. Therefore, each piece will vary slightly in appearance. Shaping, carving, and grinding stone may be costly and limits one’s creative abilities. Concrete is fluid at birth and will become solid stone. This allows us to cast any desired shape and form at an affordable cost, giving you virtually unlimited possibilities for design and a chance to own a piece of “living art”.

Generally, we do not cast single pieces larger than 20 square feet. Like other countertop materials, including quarried stone, seams are generally required in a standard kitchen, especially around sinks and cook top cutouts. We often use seams to our advantage as an additional design feature.

Overall, we have not experienced cracking with our products. However, hairline cracks are considered inherent characteristics of the material and should not be considered a flaw. Your product will be engineered with the proper reinforcement and any hairline crack that may appear will not affect the structural integrity of the finished product.

The weight of a concrete countertop is comparable to that of granite and requires no additional support. We recommend 3⁄4 inch plywood be installed over the cabinetry as a good substrate.

We are often asked about durability and a question we get on occasion is, “What if I were to hit it with a hammer?” Our response is, “Why would you want to hit it with a hammer?” In that, it is no different than any other stone surface you have seen. The durability of concrete speaks for itself, and the beauty of our product is unsurpassed.



Care & Maintenance

To keep concrete countertops looking new, common sense and minimal maintenance are required. Our countertops should be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth wipe-down with a mild solution of soap and water, about once a month. All products are sealed and waxed to resist spills and a patina will develop over time enhancing its beauty. The sealer, which is safe for contact with food, will provide many years of protection unless it has been damaged. Damaged sealers, in addition to chipped or damaged concrete, can often be repaired. Care & Maintenance Guidelines are provided at the time of installation. It is recommended that you follow these helpful hints to keep your surface lasting a lifetime. Please read below:

• Always use a cutting board or food preparation mat
• Use soap and water with a dishcloth to clean the surface
• Wax occasionally with beeswax



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